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Date Added:2013-11-05 01:25:03  by Mark Sellers

" Valid license and I have it activated by myself! THX"

Date Added:2015-10-14 05:04:34  by June Forbes

" I have used the product for a couple of projects and find that everything works just as I expected it would and have found no glitches so far. Hence, I am VERY satisfied with the version of AutoCAD LT 2015 I received."

Date Added:2013-11-01 02:40:08  by Dan Domingo

" This visually accessing drawing content with ribbon galleries has saved much time. It’s an intuitive and fast way to make selections directly from the ribbon. Highly recommend LT 2015 plus another new features. Try it!"

Date Added:2013-12-30 07:08:16  by Chris Rensch

" We haven not seen any problems with the program. We are still becoming familiar with the features and don't have any comments to offer. Overall, we are very happy with it."

Date Added:2015-01-07 09:32:10  by Peter Harpersion

" I typed in AutoCAD LT 2015 in Google. I got several companies, including and others. I tried all of them. I liked yours best because of the rock bottom prices and step-by-step intructions that i could figure it out myself."

Date Added:2014-06-24 06:28:00  by Susan Townsend

" Pleased to purchase LT 2015 from your company.You can believe that this is not the last software purchase we will be making through. "

Date Added:2015-09-16 02:22:34  by Philip Murray

" I want to say thanks to Roc specifically and in general for their excellent customer service. We were on an extremely tight timeline to acquire AutoCAD LT 2015 software, and Roc came through with instant tech support. "

Date Added:2015-03-28 09:37:29  by john roche

" Experience a richly refined interface that's more detailed and easier to use than ever. I like this newly released LT 2015 software."

Date Added:2013-12-19 01:42:01  by Natalie Hedley

" I know I could not have done what you guys were able to do for me and I just cannot compliment you enough. Thanks again for your excellent customer service and professinal technical support."

Date Added:2014-10-02 06:22:06  by James Harper

" My greatest thankfulness goes to and I cannot believed that I can get this great deal at such nice price. You and your team have my five-start rate!"

Product Description

Create 2D drawings with the essential drafting tools in AutoCAD LT software. Powerful documentation tools help you produce precise technical drawings that you can efficiently edit and repurpose. Share your work with confidence using TrustedDWG technology, the original and most accurate way to store and exchange design data. Speed your detailing and documentation work with tools built to increase efficiency and maximise productivity. Connect your workflow and collaborate with colleagues using integrated desktop, cloud, and mobile AutoCAD solutions.


AutoCAD LT 2015 speeds design with New Tab page, Ribbon galleries, a new Help Screen, and a new interface.

The new interface's dark theme reduces eyestrain and makes fine lines and text stand out better, and is better suited to modern hardware-accelerated graphics.

New Tab

If you start AutoCAD LT 2015 before you open any drawings, or click on a new drawing tab at the top of the drawing window, you will notice two new startup Tabs:  CREATE to create new and open existing drawings and LEARN, to tap Help and other resources online to learn and understand the product.

Preview Galleries

If you are an active Ribbon user, AutoCAD LT 2015 now offers you previews of blocks in your file when you select the Insert Button. Preview Galleries are also available for the Dimensions, Mleaders, Dimension Styles, Text Styles and Tables and Table Cells.

AutoCAD LT 2015 also introduces Badges: little informative icons that appear adjacent objects that are being modified with Move, Copy, Erase, Rotate, List, Area, Scale and Zoom commands.

Command Preview

You can now preview the results of Trim, Extend, Fillet, Chamfer, Offset, Break and MatchProp commands before actually selecting the objects. Simply hover over the objects to see what you are about to change before doing so.

System Requirements

Operating System

Microsoft® Windows® 8/8.1

Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 Pro

Microsoft Windows 8/8.1 Enterprise

Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise

Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate

Microsoft Windows 7 Professional

Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium

CPU Type      

For 32-bit AutoCAD LT 2015:

32-bit Intel® Pentium® 4 or AMD Athlon™ Dual Core, 3.0 GHz or higher with SSE2 technology

For 64-bit AutoCAD LT 2015:

AMD Athlon 64 with SSE2 technology

AMD Opteron™ with SSE2 technology

Intel® Xeon® with Intel EM64T support with SSE2 technology

Intel Pentium 4 with Intel EM64T support with SSE2 technology

Memory 2 GB

Display Card Supports Windows display adapter capable of 1024x768 with True Color capabilities

Disk Space Installation 4.0 GB

.NET Framework       .NET Framework Version 4.5

AutoCAD LT 2015 Full Perpetual License (This is full version software and is NOT academic or upgrade)

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